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Seaspawn Edward  Parker


Edward Parker

Kindle Edition
232 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

FROM THE OCEAN’S DARKEST ABYSS...A DEADLY CATCHThe thing in the lobster pot attacked with the speed of a striking cobra. All four crew of the fishing boat The Esmeralda were slaughtered. One had his throat torn out, the other had his eyes gouged out, the third had his face ripped off, and the fourth was decapitated...COASTAL ATTACKThe small seaside town of St Meads basks in the summer heat. Holidaymakers gather. But in the deep ocean waters, something is lurking, watching, hungering. Craving human flesh and blood.A FIGHT FOR SURVIVALDave and Kate Collins have come to St Meads with their children Adrian and Susan for a well earned break. Keith Evans owns the local restaurant. John Slater is fleeing the shadows of his past. And Old Mick is the local drunkard who believes that he has seen mermaids in the sea. These people are thrown together in a desperate fight for survival. Because the Seaspawn are about to attack: wreaking blood and violence upon the land.From the ocean’s darkest abyss to a blood soaked summer’s day. Their hour has come. Cold, vicious, rising from the blood soaked surf by their thousands. Seaspawn....