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Warrior Soul Yuhui Andrew Ding

Warrior Soul

Yuhui Andrew Ding

Published September 19th 2009
Kindle Edition
24 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

SummaryAndrew Bernstein is an ordinary kid who, unlike some other people, counted on his friends a lot—until he met the dragon Sky Lord and received superpowers from him to fight evil. Now Andrew was determined that his friends could now count on him. Unfortunately, a superhero does not just deal with some little thieves. For every superhero, there will always be a super villain. After breaking free from his seal, a demonic spirit named Spiritual Doom went on a rampage of destruction. Andrew immediately went to stop Doom but was badly defeated along with the loss of a dear friend. Spiritual Doom then decided to kill Andrew so that no one will have a chance to stop him. To do that, Doom kidnapped Andrew’s friends and lured Andrew into his trap. Now Andrew must face a powerful force of evil, his friends’ lives and the fate of the whole universe at stake, and his own destiny.