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Unique Legend 5 Hu Xuan

Unique Legend 5

Hu Xuan

Published September 28th 2004
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 About the Book 

If I could, Id rate this a 3.5. Not something Id necessarily read again, but definitely something I enjoyed while it lasted.Hardings portrayal of Kerry, the main character with insecurities both in her social life and the workplace, reminds me exactly how befuddling people of my gender can be, haha. ^^- Though I had my fair share moments of shaking my head at Kerry because of her wild breakouts of paranoia, I loved watching Kerry slowly realize that things in her life wouldnt be pieced together by following a book, or through finding her zen... but simply by choosing her own path in life, unpressured by others.All in all, Id have to say I enjoyed Hardings (or Kerrys?) quips the most. Well, Sue, I hadnt thought about burning CDs of all our favorite songs to hand out to guests, but its an excellent idea. Not to mention illegal. Her sardonic moments really came through in making me grow attached to this book. :) Oh! And another favorite of mine were the little interjections of journal entries. Though they were indeed mortifying, they were beyond hilarious for outside spectators. I cant imagine how her therapist kept a straight face...!