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A World of Hurt Tiffany Thuy Tran

A World of Hurt

Tiffany Thuy Tran

Published August 28th 2004
ISBN : 9780939965366
132 pages
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 About the Book 

In this riveting narrative, Tiffany Thuy Tran recounts her experiences as a 12-year-old escapee from Communist-controlled Vietnam, being rescued at sea, and spending three years in a refugee camp before coming to America. Lonely, lost and confused, she is taken advantage of by her stepfathers best friend, becomes pregnant, and gives birth when she is 16. She marries, moves to Oklahoma with her husband, Hai, and together they open a beauty salon. But their dreams are shattered when Hai is murdered by a friend who nearly kills her also. She escapes and helps the police identify the killer. Tiffany offers soul-searching and often introspective accounts of the faith that sustained her through these dark and difficult days.