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The Guardians Pendants (The Zor Chronicles Part I) A. Elford

The Guardians Pendants (The Zor Chronicles Part I)

A. Elford

Published May 18th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Long ago, this land which we now call our home - the glorious islands of Paradius - stood in the shadow of untold desolation and destruction. This represented the darker side of our nature - of war and, ultimately, of annihilation. In the wake of these catastrophes, legend has it that five mighty Gods descended upon this land, and allowed for new life to cover these shadows. Paradius was created, and with it came our people, the Zor- spread out onto these Five Islands, yet connected by the same ever-crossing paths, all heading in the same direction: To Infinity Together, Guided by the Gods.Times are changing.Following the disappearance of the sole remaining Guardian of Paradius, a team of four Zor are unexpectedly brought together by the power of a series of mysterious and legendary Pendants. These strangers, suddenly sworn to defend the Five Islands as the chosen new squad of Veha Guardians, face a steep task. As conditions across the islands spiral out of control under the authority of Remula, the new Chief of Security, the new team of Guardians in Ikani, Kaho, Enoke and Lanaru must overcome their differences and stand bravely in the face of unimaginable challenges in order to dispel the looming shadows of dark order on the horizon — or die trying.